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Grow Your Own Clean Air

Indian researcher Kamal Meattle talks about three common houseplants that can improve indoor air quality dramatically.

Dr. James DelPrince, Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences with Mississippi State University, talks about what is happening technically with the plants to clean the air.

Larry O’Neill of Larry’s Garden in Florida gives numbers of plants per sq ft and several plant suggestions. He also talks about how to care for the houseplants.

A different (long) list of air clearing suggestions from New York City:

Neville and Riann in Australia give their suggestions for houseplants to clean the air and tips on caring for them.

Here’s a good article from the Toronto Botanical Gardens detailing the common household contaminants with a list of houseplants that can remove them.

Even more info on air cleaning plants.


Compost Heater How-To

Chris Towerton, in Australia, shows us an experimental compost heater he build to provide heat for at least two hours per day for up to 9 weeks. He’s using his system to heat one room in his house with a hot water radiator.

Happily, he talks in detail about what he did – so if you’re interested in doing something similar, this is a good starting point.

Helpful here too are Chris’ comments about how long the process took to ramp up, how long the effects lasted, etc.

Raising Guinea Pigs for Meat

A couple in Queensland, Australia talk about keeping guinea pigs for meat. They decided on guinea pigs because they had limited space and keeping rabbits in Queensland is illegal. They eat the males and keep one male and females for breeding (they have about 20 guinea pigs). They have plans to set up an aquaponics system that would incorporate droppings from their guinea pigs.

Here are details on raising guinea pigs for food, how to set up a herd and living spaces for the pigs, how to sex and breed them, etc. from Lisa F.

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