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Mushroom Farming: Ozark Forest (Shitake) Mushrooms

A look at Ozark Forest Mushrooms,a family owned 18,000 shiitake log farm located in the Missouri Ozarks Big Springs region.

Small-Scale Mushroom Farm in New Mexico

Danny Rhodes of Desert Fungi in Velarde, New Mexico gives us a detailed tour of his greenhouse mushroom farm operation. I found the wet wall/swamp cooler system he rigged to control the temperature in his mushroom growing greenhouse in the summer especially interesting. Danny produces between 100-150 lbs of Oyster, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms per week, most of which he sells at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market and direct to local restaurants.


Cultivating Mushrooms On A Hardwood Log

Kenny Point of, demonstrates how to grow your own crop of gourmet mushrooms through hardwood inoculation.

He says this works better, is cheaper and produces better yields than buying a mushroom growing kit.

For this project you’ll need a drill, a hardwood log, mushroom inoculant, wooden dowels, wax and a way to melt the wax and keep it warm (Kenny uses an old crock pot).

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