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How to Make Seitan

“Step by step video instruction on how to make seitan from wheat flour.”

You are washing away the starch in the flour and isolating the gluten (protein) in the wheat flour, so if you have issues with gluten, this is NOT for you.

Note that things will go even more quickly if you use gluten flour (a more expensive option).


Simple Grain Mill

Farley Anderson demonstrates a variation on a mortar and pestle grain mill, build using 3 metal pipes wired or taped together and a large metal can. He notes that the pipes allow for airflow that reduces scattering each time you hit the grain.

In Africa, where using a mortar and pestle is a traditional way to pound grain they mitigate this problem by using a tall mortar.

I would wonder how quickly Anderson’s design would allow you to mill the grain – or how finely – since the actual striking area of the pipes would be small.

Hand Grain Mill from Aaron Mackley on Vimeo.

How to Make Hand-Pulled Noodles

Luke Rymarz explains a noodle making technique traditional to Asia. His wheat noodle ingredients lists and dough recipes are here. He writes that it took him more than 30 attempts to perfect his recipe and technique.

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