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Hi. Thanks for visiting The Real Know-How.

The focus here is on passing along essential information for sustainable, self-sufficient living on an individual and community level.

The posts on The Real Know-How speak to how we feed and clothe ourselves, how we generate energy, work, get around and dispose of waste.

This know-how comes from hundreds of ordinary and not-so-ordinary people who are thinking up new ways of doing things and reviving traditional methods.

I’ve been privileged to learn a lot from their videos and photo tutorials (I’m a visual learner) and so have collected them here along with audio and articles that I hope will be helpful to you.

I also post success stories for inspiration.

In selecting what to post I’ve tried to stay away from strongly ideological and jargony content. I think the know-how has to be shared regardless of what school of thought or movement you align with.


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