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Grow Your Own Clean Air

Indian researcher Kamal Meattle talks about three common houseplants that can improve indoor air quality dramatically.

Dr. James DelPrince, Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences with Mississippi State University, talks about what is happening technically with the plants to clean the air.

Larry O’Neill of Larry’s Garden in Florida gives numbers of plants per sq ft and several plant suggestions. He also talks about how to care for the houseplants.

A different (long) list of air clearing suggestions from New York City:

Neville and Riann in Australia give their suggestions for houseplants to clean the air and tips on caring for them.

Here’s a good article from the Toronto Botanical Gardens detailing the common household contaminants with a list of houseplants that can remove them.

Even more info on air cleaning plants.


Urban Aquaculture

“Aquaculture (i.e. aquatic plants and animals) is North America’s third largest import, only following automobiles and fuel. However, we have managed to overfish our environment beyond repair. Overfishing poses an enormous threat to our oceanic ecosystems. Enter urban aquaculture, or more simply put: fish farming in the city.

Because urban aquaculture raises their fish rather than collecting them in mass quantities from their natural habitat, it provides an opportunity for fish levels and ecosystems to return to a healthier state.

Professor Martin Schreibman, distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology at Brooklyn College, has developed a state-of-the-art, sustainable urban aquaculture facility. His aquaculture utilizes a water re-use system. Fish waste is filtered out and is used as a plant fertilizer, so ultimately, he is self-sustainably harvesting 2 types of crop — fish and plants.”

How (Commercial) Biodiesel is Made

A step-by-step explanation of how the folks at Tristate Biodiesel take used cooking oil from around NYC and transform it into biodiesel heating oil that heats New Yorkers’ homes

The Canning Queen of the Desert

A short profile of Classy Parker, who is an NYC urban vegetable gardener and canning teacher.
she talks about the important of farming in the city, fresh food and preserves made from what is grown in the community.

The Canning Queen of the Desert from Etsy on Vimeo.

Tune Up Your Bicycle

New York bike mechanic, Susan Lindell shows us how to do a basic bike tune-up.

Tune Up Your Bicycle For Spring from Etsy on Vimeo.

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