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Birch Bark Basketmaking

How to make a birch bark basket of any size, step-by-step.

Root Cellars

Here americangamefowl describes many different kinds of root cellar and the technical aspects of effective root cellars. There is really rich information here.:

Make A Fridge Root Cellar

Step by step instructions for making a root cellar for under $10 using a worn out refrigerator from Mark and Anna who homestead in Virginia. You can read more about them and their other projects at their blog

Building Barrel Root Cellars

DeanLeatherman explains and shows how he built effective root cellars for root vegetables and cabbage from large plastic barrels buried in the ground. He talks a bit fast, but explains his concept and what he did well.

I did wonder whether the plastic would be secure enough storage against any burrowing animals, but he didn’t mention rodent infiltration as a problem he’s experienced so far.

Plastic Containers for Water Storage

Aaron Mackley walks us through the different options in plastic containers for long-term water storage, highlighting safer plastics. He notes that glass (I’d add stainless steel and ceramic to his list) is one of the healthiest choices for storing water but that since it is breakable it isn’t really a practical option.

He also prices out the options for you and tells you what kind of containers you can safely buy used, what absorbs odors, etc.

I do disagree with him on using soda bottles to store water, especially since now there are many more non-plastic choices for small water storage.

Nonetheless, his videos are really thorough and well presented.

Plastic Containers for Water P1 from Aaron Mackley on Vimeo.

Plastic Containers for Water P2 from Aaron Mackley on Vimeo.

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