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How to Make Biochar

Biochar is charcoal created from natural materials in a low/no oxygen environment (also called “carbon black”). It is apparently a great way of renewing the soil and increasing your crop yields.

Here, John Rogers, who has a 2-acre farm in Florida, talks biochar and shows us how he makes it.


Sweetgrass Basketmaking

Basket maker Vera Manigault talks about the history and culture of sweetgrass baskets. She also shows us the tools she uses to craft the baskets and how to harvest the materials (bullrush, palmetto, sweetgrass, long pine needles) used in them. She notes that as the South Carolina coastline has developed access to the basket making materials has been cut off. In most cases, large areas of marshland where the plants grow have been cleared for development.

Basketmaker, Joseph Foreman talks more about making good sweetgrass baskets:

Make A Fridge Root Cellar

Step by step instructions for making a root cellar for under $10 using a worn out refrigerator from Mark and Anna who homestead in Virginia. You can read more about them and their other projects at their blog

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