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Intro to the box style solar oven/cooker

This is a video produced by the manufacturer (or a distributor) of a brand of solar ovens/cookers (both terms seem to get used). As this is a commercial item it’s been realized to a really high standard but as the overall technology is simple and solar ovens in general aren’t hard to make, I like to think of the SunOven displayed here as inspiration.

If you don’t want to DIY, you can of course buy a SunOven. They retail for upwards of $200. Neat features it has: it’s parts fold up to make it portable, a cooking shelf that adjusts to how you’ve angled the oven and an adjustable foot to let you change the angle (to face the sun as it moves in the sky) more easily.

The presenter here does a really good job of explaining the features of a solar oven and how it works.


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