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Raising Guinea Pigs for Meat

A couple in Queensland, Australia talk about keeping guinea pigs for meat. They decided on guinea pigs because they had limited space and keeping rabbits in Queensland is illegal. They eat the males and keep one male and females for breeding (they have about 20 guinea pigs). They have plans to set up an aquaponics system that would incorporate droppings from their guinea pigs.

Here are details on raising guinea pigs for food, how to set up a herd and living spaces for the pigs, how to sex and breed them, etc. from Lisa F.


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One thought on “Raising Guinea Pigs for Meat

  1. hi i have a huge aquaponics system, with over 20 bath tubs as grow beds. My system consists of 3 large fish tanks, each tank is over 2500 liters. I grow trout, silver perch, red fin. Each tank holds roughly 2-300 fish. I have over 20 chickens that we raise for meat, 25 Guinea pigs for meat, and giant rabbits, as well we keep bees. I would like to get bigger guinea pigs, is their any one in Victoria that could supply me with them.
    kindest regards
    to all

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