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Urban Greenhouse Vegetables and Fish in Milwaukee

Will Allen walks us through the Growing Power farm operation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They use vertical growing techniques to maximize yields and growing space for vegetables and mushrooms and they also produce tilapia (in heated tanks) and yellow perch (a lake fish that can no longer be fished for in many places because of contamination) in unheated tanks. The greenhouse producing all of this food is heated by compost.


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4 thoughts on “Urban Greenhouse Vegetables and Fish in Milwaukee

  1. Love your blog!!! Great articles on agriculture, urban farming, and organics. THANK YOU!!! I’m re-posting it on for our folks here in Central Oregon as well. It’s very cold here in the High Desert during the Winter and the idea of compost “heaters” in greenhouses might appeal to some Bendite green thumbs/farmers. Keep up the great work.

    • wbkenn on said:

      Thanks for your comments and encouragement. It means a lot.

      • I can completely understand where you’re coming from. Seriously, you have an AMAZING blog. You have so much fantastic integrated farming info that I want to re-blog here, but I pace myself as I don’t want to misappropriate your hard work. Keep up the good job and, with your permission, I’ll re-blog your posts here once in a while. Thanks!

      • wbkenn on said:

        Please go ahead and reblog whatever you find useful. Spreading the information and also connecting people thinking about this stuff or beginning to think about this stuff was what I wanted to accomplish with this blog. I’m glad you are finding it a good resource.

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