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Make Malt Sugar/Syrup

The most common grain to malt (which just means that the grain is sprouted, so that the sprouting process converts the grain’s starch into a sugar) is barley – but other grains like corn, wheat, etc. can also be malted.

The sprouted (malted) grain is then mixed with hot water in a container so that its sugars can leach into the water. The malt sugar water or wort can then be used to make beer or cooked down to a syrup for use as a sweetener.

The sprouting process is pretty straightforward and easy.

Here’s dmeckle showing you his method:

Here’s a step-by-step that includes the wort stage.

I don’t brew beer, but I do use barley malt syrup as a sweetener. As I’m already comfortable with sprouting, this should be an easy and cheaper way for our household to have the syrup.


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